Degrees and Certificates


ACCT101N: Financial Accounting I

This course provides a foundation for a thorough understanding of basic accounting procedures and principles through the study of the accounting cycle and financial statements. Additionally, current assets, cash and receivables will be studied. The use of computers in accounting is introduced.

ACCT102N: Financial Accounting II

This course is a continuation of ACCT101N. Current and longterm assets are studied along with liabilities and owner's equity items. Accounting for corporations and bonds are also discussed. The course concludes with preparation of the Statement of Cash Flows and financial statement analysis.

ACCT201N: Intermediate Accounting I

A study of the development of accounting begins this course. A review of the fundamental processes of accounting precedes a detailed study of the financial statements and assets on the balance sheet. Debt and equity financing is also discussed.

ACCT202N: Intermediate Accounting II

This course is a continuation of ACCT201N. Topics include long term assets, leases, and pensions. An in-depth look at financial reporting issues will complete the course. This course contains a service learning option.

ACCT206N: Cost Accounting

A study of the basic concepts and procedures of cost accounting and their application to the job order and process cost systems and to standard costs.

ACCT210N: Managerial Accounting

Financial accounting information is used in planning, evaluating, and controlling business operations. Topics include product costing, cost behavior, cost-volume-profit analysis, budgeting, performance evaluation, and capital investment analysis.

ACCT290N: Accounting Internship

An internship program in Accounting is a hands-on learning experience at a for-profit or not-for-profit organization which allows the student to practice competencies and skills learned in the classroom under the direct supervision of an on-site internship supervisor.