Additional Immunization Recommendations

It is recommended that all registered students will have obtained, before college entrance, all immunizations against childhood diseases, including mumps, tetanus, diphtheria and polio, in accordance with the currently accepted immunization schedules of the New Hampshire Division of Public Health Services.

IMPORTANT: The clinical portion of some programs is offered at area health care facilities (“clinical sites”). Clinical sites establish their own requirements for persons entering their facilities for educational purposes. Clinical sites may have established vaccination requirements, including vaccination for COVID-19. As with all clinical program requirements, the clinical site reserves the right to deny participation to any student who does not meet required clinical criteria and do not follow clinical site policies. Individual programs of study do not have the authority to secure clinical experience(s) for students who do not meet eligibility criteria. Students participating in clinicals must adhere to the sites’ requirements. While these are not college requirements, failure to adhere to the clinical site requirements will result in ineligibility to complete the Allied Health program.