Public intoxication or the use, possession, sale, or distribution of alcoholic beverages, is prohibited. Under unusual circumstances, such as when the college is hosting community- sponsored events or dinners for visiting dignitaries, the President may give permission to serve limited amounts of alcohol.

Students will observe the following:

  1. All students and guest must follow the Alcohol Policy at Nashua Community College. To support the policy and to minimize confusion in enforcement, no one under the age of 21 may consume alcoholic beverages or possess manufactured containers that hold or transport alcoholic beverages on the public areas of campus, at Nashua Community College sponsored events or activities off-campus.
  2. Sale of alcoholic beverages on campus is prohibited.
  3. Drinking of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in the public areas of the campus at any time; this includes all facilities, functions open to the public, athletic events, academic or social field trips, streets and yards, roads and parking lots, and the hallways, lounges and other public places.
  4. Alcoholic beverages will not be permitted at student organization sponsored events without approval from the President. Requests for approval must be made in writing at least 45 days prior to the event. However, a waiver may be granted by the President if and when all other arrangements are consistent with existing statutes and Board of Trustees Regulations. Those who grant approval for alcohol consumption must keep a written record of all such approval.
  5. No purchase of alcoholic beverages is allowed from any student funds under the jurisdiction of the CCSNH Board of Trustees. All events at which alcohol is served must comply with the CCSNH Alcohol Policy: College Facilities, including but not limited to the requirement that a third-party licensed vendor be retained or serving alcohol.
  6. Violation of the rules concerning use of possession of intoxicating beverages will result in referral to a judicial hearing which may result in suspension or dismissal from the College.
  7. Alcoholic beverages will not be allowed in academic facilities during the regular academic day.
  8. Food and non-alcoholic drinks must be available at all functions involving the distribution of alcoholic beverages.
  9. Excessive or irresponsible drinking and drunkenness will not be tolerated.
  10. No person may sell, furnish or give alcohol to any person under the legal drinking age or to anyone who is visibly intoxicated, even if that person is over the age of 21.