ANTH105N: Ethnography of Work

In this course, students will use social science research methods to learn about workplace culture and investigate potential career pathways. In conducting their research, students will use a variety of anthropological methods and techniques to evaluate the myths and stereotypes about work while gaining insight into how and why work matters to those choosing particular careers. The culture of work is examined in the context of contemporary dynamics of disruption, uncertainty, innovation, and diversity. Assignments encourage students to draw connections between the self and work so they are prepared to make informed decisions about majors and for those who have chosen the Exploratory Liberal Arts Program. This course is a requirement for all students in the First Year Program who have not yet selected a major.

ANTH108N: Introduction to Archaeology

The course offers an exploration of the basic theories, methods, and principles of prehistoric and historical archaeology in the Old and New Worlds. The course will introduce students to methods used by archaeologists to reconstruct ancient societies, interpret their finds, and explain how and why societies evolve.

ANTH110N: Cultural Anthropology

Cultural anthropology is a discipline that seeks to understand the human experience through social-scientific investigations of cultures around the world. This course offers tools for making sense of the experiences of diverse people whose lives are different from the student's own life, as well as putting the student's familiar worlds into new perspectives.

ANTH250N: Indigenous Culture

This course provides an understanding of the culture and society of the indigenous people of a specific region (North America, Central America, East Asia, Africa, etc.) by examining the formation of cultural identities, religions and lifeways, political economies, geographic features, cultural artifacts, and social and artistic systems. Both historical and modern indigenous experiences as well as environmental factors will be addressed. 

ANTH260N: Special Topics in Anthropology

This course provides students with an opportunity to learn about an area not covered by existing courses in the social science curriculum. While the topics may vary from semester to semester depending on faculty and student interest, this course emphasizes a core set of essential skills common to all anthropology courses at Nashua Community College. A course description will be made available prior to the start of registration.