Appeal Process

A student who becomes ineligible for federal student aid may appeal for a review of that determination. The student appeal request and any supporting documentation or degree audit must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office. A successful appeal results in Probation and allows the student to be eligible for federal student aid for his/her probationary period. A student choosing to submit an appeal of his/her SAP review results may be requested to submit the following information to the Financial Aid Office: 1) A written explanation of the circumstances that prevented him/her from achieving SAP standards, documentation of any extenuating circumstances, and what has changed in his/her situation that will allow him/her to achieve satisfactory academic progress unless the situation was evident. The Financial Aid Appeals Committee reserves the right to request further information from the student to support information provided in his/her explanation. 2) An academic plan which the student will follow to regain satisfactory academic progress. 3) If a student changes curriculum programs, is working toward multiple degrees/certificates, or graduates and enrolls in a second degree and then reaches 150% of the credits required for the new degree (or primary degree/certificate in the case of multiple degrees/certificates), a degree audit or academic plan may be requested with the appeal and will be evaluated on an individual, case-by-case basis.