ARTS120N: Introduction to Graphic Design

Class Program
Class Hours 2 Lab Hours 2 Credits 3

This introductory course covers the technical and artistic aspects of graphic design and its purpose as a tool for marketing and disseminating information to the public. Topics include: Elements of creative design, visual communication, type, composition, color formats, requirements for print and web, and using Photoshop or another photo editing software as a designing tool, and emphasis on both the technical and artistic sides of graphic design. Through assignments both in studying successful professional graphic design and creating ads, brochures, posters etc., preparing designs for print and web, utilizing images and text as well as creating designs from a blank file, students will start to develop a logical sense of how to use image, color, form and text to achieve the desired level of clear and effective communication of a message. This course requires reading, research, and has a lab component working with Photoshop.