AVTN206N: Reciprocating Engines I

Class Program
Class Hours 3 Lab Hours 6 Credits 5

A student must have completed all FAA General Section courses or possess an FAA Airframe Certificate to be eligible to take these courses.

This course will provide the student with a detailed understanding of the aircraft reciprocating engine, it's theory, development and versatile application on today's modern aircraft. Reciprocating engine configurations, such as Horizontally Opposed Engines, Radial engines. In-line and V-Engines, will also be covered. Reciprocating engine reliability, durability, operating flexibility and streamline ability will be discussed with emphasis on the importance of all these key engine requirements. The course will also include an in-depth look at Horizontally Opposed and Radial Engine construction, including all of the many internal components, mechanisms and assemblies. The student will have a hands-on understanding of each of these components, their design and how they all work together to provide safe, efficient and reliable engine power and thrust.