B. Definitions

College Official – Refers to any person employed by any CCSNH college performing assigned administrative and/or other professional responsibilities.

College Premises – Refers to all land, buildings, facilities, and other property in the possession of, or owned, used or controlled by any CCSNH college (including adjacent streets and sidewalks).

Complainant – Refers to any person who has filed a report or complaint alleging that a student has engaged in conduct that violates the Student Code of Conduct.

Faculty – Refers to any person hired by CCSNH colleges to conduct educational activities.

Judicial Advisor – Refers to the college official(s) appointed by a CCSNH college to coordinate and monitor the judicial process. The judicial advisor’s roles will include but not be limited to monitoring the judicial bodies and proceedings; advising judicial bodies and students on the applicable judicial process; reviewing requests for judicial appeals; and maintaining judicial proceedings records.

Judicial Body – Refers to any college official or committee authorized to determine whether a student has violated the Student Code of Conduct and to impose sanctions.

Judicial Committee – Refers to the appellate body appointed by a CCSNH college that is authorized to consider an appeal arising from a judicial body’s determination that a student has violated the Student Code of Conduct and/or the sanctions imposed by such judicial body.

Respondent – Refers to a student against whom a complaint alleging violation of the Student Code of Conduct has been filed.