CHEM131N: General Chemistry II

Class Program
Class Hours 3 -4 Lab Hours 0 -3 Credits 4

MATH/SCIENCE options within Physical/Biological Sciences and Mathematics **BIOL201N A&PI, **BIOL202N A&PII, BIOL205N Basic Pathophysiology, BIOL207N Immunology, BIOL260N Scientific Inquiries, **BTEC205G- Bioethics (on-line GBCC, fall only option), MATH110N Algebra & Trigonometry, **MATH210N Calculus I, **MATH211N Calculus II, or greater,** PHYS130N Physics I,** PHYS131N Physics II, or greater.

This general chemistry course is designed to teach students the principles of chemistry included in the second semester of a two semester chemistry course. This course will include topics such as intermolecular forces, properties of solutions, kinetics, chemical equilibrium, acid-base equilibrium, electrochemistry, and thermodynamics.


CHEM130N with a 'C' or better