CRTN190N: Collision Repair Co-Op Work Experience

Class Program
Class Hours 0 Lab Hours 12 Credits 2

The Collision Repair Co-Op Work Experience is designed to place students into a shop environment after successful completion of all first-year courses. Students will be assigned work tasks to reinforce the skills obtained in their courses at NCC. Tasks will include but not limited to: minor dent repair, disassembly/ assembly of damaged vehicles, prepping parts, detailing, priming, refinishing small parts under the supervision of a senior technician. Students will complete a minimum of 200-hours total in the Co-op. This is a paid Co-Op Work Experience. Students may be required to bring their tool kit to the Co-Op location. Students will be responsible for completing a journal that will document the hours worked, assigned tasks, and overall work experience. This course will be designated as a Pass/Fail course. Periodic Co-Op visits will be performed by the assigned instructor to monitor student progress.


Successful completion of all first and second semester coursework and a minimum CGPA of 2.0.