Core Values

The college community endeavors to guide and inspire a mindset of success in our students. Our core values help students to:

Commit to the successful completion of a program at NCC;
Communicate effectively in writing and speaking;
Collaborate with others in group projects;
Create new ideas and works;
Challenge themselves to ask questions and to think critically.

The College fulfills its mission as determined by the extent to which the institution:

  1. Engages in programs and activities that expand access to higher education for all members of the community
  2. Provides students with a full range of student development and academic support services
  3. Offers students the opportunity to contribute to the well-being of others through service learning and volunteerism
  4. Prepares individuals for employment in a variety of careers in business, the health sciences, and public service
  5. Serves as an entry-point for bachelor degree programs by providing the first two years of a four-year program
  6. Provides economic development and continuing education activities to meet the needs of business, industry, and government
  7. Collaborates with visual and performing arts organizations in the community to elevate the human spirit.