Credit by Examination (CBE)

Credit by Examination may be earned by matriculated students who, by study, training or experience outside the College have acquired skills or knowledge equivalent to that acquired by students enrolled in a course at the College. Such skill, knowledge or experience shall be in the area of the course concerned and determined to be relevant by the Vice President of Academic Affairs or other authorized personnel. Students may challenge a course by requesting and completing an examination or evaluation that covers the instructional material of the course.

If successful, the appropriate credits earned are applied to the students’ programs. Students requesting a CBE shall pay a fee of $25 per credit. This fee is non-refundable. Credit will not be given for grades below C. Students receiving a grade below C are ineligible for another CBE in that course. Students may not CBE a course in which they are enrolled if they have earned a grade within the CCSNH, or if they have been administratively withdrawn, or if they dropped the course after the two-week drop/add period.

A student who does not pass the credit by exam will be ineligible for another credit by exam in that course.

Students wishing to satisfy an elective for Social Sciences or Humanities must take the CLEP. A candidate wishing to review the material for which he/she shall be held responsible in a CBE may apply to the chairperson of the department concerned for a list of areas of the subject matter covered upon which the exam will be based. The CBE shall cover the content of the course being challenged. The student must apply for and take the CBE by the end of the Add/Drop Period. Students may not CBE a course in which they are currently enrolled (registered).