Computer Networking

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This certificate teaches the skills necessary to provide IT support in a network environment. It begins with computers as the end devices in a computer network. Part of this certificate, utilizing curriculum developed by Cisco Systems, teaches students to design, implement, and maintain the local and wide area network infrastructure. This includes all of the skills necessary to achieve CCNA, CompTIA Linux+, and AWS Cloud Practitioner certifications. 

Upon the completion of the certificate, graduates will be able to:

  1. Design, assemble, configure, and troubleshoot computer hardware.

  2. Perform configuration on basic network devices for wired and wireless networks.

  3. Perform basic system administration including management of system accounts for Windows and Linux.

  4. Describe the function of the major AWS services and use the AWS console for basic configuration tasks.

  5. Work well as a member of a team.

  6. Use critical thinking skills to solve networking and computer systems problems.

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