Drugs and Narcotics

The use, possession or distribution of non-prescribed drugs and narcotics, including marijuana, by students are not allowed on campus and will result in suspension or dismissal from the College. Any college student trafficking in drugs shall be subject to civil and college action. The policy of the College will be to cooperate fully with law enforcement officials in the proper exercise of their duty.

This policy is based on Federal and State of New Hampshire laws pertaining to the use of drugs. The physical and mental dangers associated with the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol are numerous. Heavy drinking over a period of time can cause physiological damage, physical problems, and serious nervous or mental disorders. Addiction to drugs or alcohol not only impacts upon the abuser, it places profound stress upon family members, relationships, and friendships.

The College is concerned about abusers using tools and equipment, which can be harmful to the individuals as well as to others nearby. Once again, the use of alcohol and/or drugs is strictly forbidden on campus. The College realizes that circumstances place individuals into situations that may lead to dependence on drugs and/or alcohol.

Recognizing its responsibility to be concerned with the total wellbeing of its students, faculty and staff, NCC partners with area agencies to provide information on Drug and Alcohol Prevention and provides referral services to those in need of counseling or medical support. Individuals are urged to seek assistance from a counselor and to secure the proper treatment they may need.

For information about legal sanctions imposed under local, state or federal law, please refer to the Annual Clery Security Report on the Campus Safety webpage.

Referrals for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment;
Alcohol Treatment Center (24 Hour Helpline) 1-800-711-6402

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Helplines 1-888-852-7453 or 1-866-395-1680

Harbor Care
77 Northeastern Blvd.
Nashua NH 03062
Phone: (603) 882-3616
Email: hope@harborcarenh.org
Web Site: https://www.harborcarenh.org/get-help-index#substance-use-services-overview

Greater Nashua Mental Health Center
440 Amherst Street
Nashua, NH 03063

USNODRUGS 1-888-852-7453

Violations of the rules concerning the use of alcohol and other drugs, as set forth in the Nashua Community College Alcohol and Other Drug Policy located in the Student Handbook, may result in referral to the civil authorities and/or sanctioning through the NASHUA COMMUNITY COLLEGE judicial process. Individuals not enrolled at NASHUA COMMUNITY COLLEGE who are found to be in violation of the college’s policy will be placed on the Persona Non Grata list.