ENGL110N: Honors Expository Writing

Class Program
Class Hours 4 Lab Hours 0 Credits 4

This course is intended for the student who has already demonstrated a high degree of proficiency in the use of language and who is motivated to pursue an advanced level of writing. Each student will be encouraged to develop his or her own distinctive voice and style, to make sharp and effective word choices, to become his or her own best critic, and to ultimately experience the satisfaction that comes from producing relevant, effective, and polished pieces of writing. The course will be organized around a specific socio-cultural issue or theme and will incorporate readings about that theme from a variety of disciplines. The objective of the course is to enhance the depth and quality of students'written expression through sustained engagement in the semester theme. The student will practice writing about that theme for various purposes and audiences with systematic feedback from peers and the instructor. The course employs a workshop approach that incorporates critical reading, discussion, and a series of intense writing activities including analysis of rhetorical strategies used by other writers, and reading and responding to the work of others. Working in small groups, students will develop original ideas about the semester theme through active discussion and critique.


Permission of the Honors Program Coordinator or Admission into the Honors Program. This course satisfies the ENGL101N, College Composition, requirement toward the associate degree.