Full Semester Laptop Loan Program

Rules for borrowing NCC Laptops:

  • The student may borrow a laptop for one semester at a time on an equipment available basis.
  • The laptop must be returned upon graduation or withdrawal from NCC, as well as at the end of the academic semester for which it was loaned, unless the student enrolls for the next semester.
  • A borrowed laptop is considered lost if the borrowed laptop is not returned after:
    • Student fails to respond to school correspondence asking about their enrollment status for 6 days
    • 6 days after graduating from Nashua Community College
    • 6 days after transferring or withdrawing from NCC
  • A lost laptop is the responsibility of the student borrowing the laptop. The cost of lost laptops are assessed to the Student’s bursar account for $900. If the Student returns the device in good condition within 30 days of the date of assessment, the replacement fee is waived.
  • The Student must comply with the College’s Computer Use Policy while using the laptop.
  • The College’s Computer Use Policy is in the student handbook and on the school’s website. *Laptops are for academic purposes only.
  • Students must be matriculated (enrolled in degree or certificate program).If the laptop is lost or stolen, it is the Student’s responsibility to notify NCC IT at 578-6875.
  • Students are responsible for obtaining internet access when using the laptop off campus.
  • The Student is solely responsible for any loss or damages.
  • The College is not responsible for any lost data, documents, or applications the Student may have saved to the laptop. Devices are restored to default meaning everything is erased upon return.
  • Students may not physically alter the laptop in any way. Alterations, including application of external skins or stickers, are considered damage and results in charges for repair.
  • The return process includes a thorough inspection of the laptop’s condition.
  • The Student is solely responsible for any loss or damages.
  • The Student will be charged a replacement fee for a missing and/or damaged device and accessories. Replacement fees are, but not limited to, the following:
    • Power/Charging cord not returned $50
    • Cracked or severely marked screen $200
    • Keyboard/Case severely damaged or vandalized $50
  • Any charges are sent to the Bursar’s Office for collection and may prevent a Student from registering for classes, obtaining diploma/transcripts, and/or graduating until paid in full.

Email NCC IT Support for further information.