Addiction Recovery Support Worker

Degree Type

The certificate is designed for peer helpers and volunteers who want to begin a pathway to professional credentials, which can lead to full time employment in the field with benefits. As a stackable credential, students can also roll credits into a two-year human services associate degree or four-year program. The certificate also complements a psychology degree pathway.

Certificate classes are flexible, and include online, hybrid (online and in-person mix), and on-campus courses. Students with prior college credit, work, or volunteer experience in the field may be eligible for additional credits toward the certificate. This is not an automatic acceptance. To be admitted into this certificate program, students must arrange for an interview with the program coordinator.

The Social Educational and Behavioral Science Department abides by the accepted national standard that recommends a minimum of two years of sobriety for any prospective trainee in the field of alcohol and other drug-use counseling.

After Completion

After completion of the 18 credit addiction recovery support worker certificate students will be assisted with further instructions in contacting the state licensing board regarding CRSW certifcation, and meeting additional requirements. These include 500 hours of paid or volunteer work and completion of an exam required by the IC&RC.

Sub-Total Credits
Total Credits