HSV190N: Fieldwork I

Class Program
Class Hours 1 Lab Hours 8 Credits 3

A lab course designed to provide comprehensive experience in application of knowledge and values learned in previous course work. Students will select a program or facility which provides social services and will work at this site as a supervised intern. Regular meetings with the internship advisor and fellow interns will provide opportunities for discussion and evaluation of the fieldwork experience. This internship is focused on direct observation of professionals in human services. Educational and direct service activities will also be credited as part of the internship experience. Students will be able to continue on with the current internship placement for the following internship. Pre-approval of fieldwork site by Department Chairperson is required before placement. Students are expected to have field work placement before class begins.

Prerequisite or Corequisite

HSV123N, General Education Core Requirement: Behavioral Social Science.