Medical Leave Policy

A matriculated student who, due to a serious medical condition that requires extended in-patient treatment in a medical facility and/or ongoing outpatient medical treatment, becomes unable to complete his/her academic requirements and/or who becomes unable to meet the program’s technical standards and/or requirements of the Student Code of Conduct, may apply for a formal Medical Leave of Absence for up to two consecutive semesters.

Students considering a Medical Leave of Absence should be aware that granting of such leave does not relieve a student from financial responsibility to the College. A student who is seeking a Medical Leave of Absence who is also a financial aid recipient should contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss the leave and any potential implications for changes in financial aid eligibility. Students who have concerns about continuing health insurance coverage may also wish to consult for important information.

Students requesting Medical Leave of Absence must:

  • Provide a letter to the Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA) identifying their program of study, the medical reason for the request, the proposed date on which the leave would begin, and the proposed date of readmission, and;
  • Provide the VPAA documentation of the medical condition from a licensed healthcare professional directly involved in the treatment of the student’s particular condition that is sufficiently comprehensive to facilitate the decision-making process.

The VPAA or designee will make a determination regarding the appropriateness of the leave request and notify the student in writing whether the request for Medical Leave of Absence was granted and what conditions for readmission may apply. Students whose Medical Leave requests are granted will be required to reapply for admission at the end of the leave period provided that all conditions for readmission have been met.

Conditions for readmission may include, but are not limited to, submission of documentation from a licensed healthcare professional directly involved in the treatment of the student’s particular condition that is sufficiently comprehensive to provide reasonable assurance that the returning student will be able to meet all college and program academic, technical, and behavioral requirements. Other conditions for readmission may include a required in-person meeting with the VPAA and/or the student’s program Department Head; compliance with any new admission criteria implemented in the student’s absence; following a new curriculum plan that may have been implemented in the student’s absence; and/or repeating courses and/or clinical experiences to ensure clinical competence following an extended absence.

Students who choose to seek Medical Leave under the provisions of this policy should be aware that information they voluntarily disclose during the application and readmission processes will be handled under confidentiality guidelines of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and disclosed only to those persons with a direct academic need to know.