Degrees and Certificates


NURS125N: Fundamental Concepts & Skills for Nursing Practice

LPNs may challenge by exam

This foundational nursing course introduces students to major concepts and basic nursing skills to deliver safe nursing care across the lifespan. Class content includes Introduction to Nursing, Working in the Healthcare System, Care of the Human Being, Nursing Process and Critical Thinking, Health Assessment, Meeting Basic Human Needs Across the Lifespan, Patient/Family Education, Concepts of Medication Administration, and Contemporary Contexts for Professional Nursing. Student practice skills related to the class content in clinical facilities and the simulation laboratory under the supervision of a registered nurse. Upon completion of the course, the student is eligible to seek NH licensure as a licensed nursing assistant (LNA).

NURS140N: Nursing Care I: Concepts and Skills

This course introduces students to safe nursing care of patients with alterations in physical and mental health conditions across the lifespan. Pathophysiology, pharmacology, and interdisciplinary interventions for selected health alterations affecting integumentary, cardiac, respiratory, endocrine, musculoskeletal, and neurological/ mental health conditions will be studied. Concepts and skills introduced in NURS125N will be applied and further developed throughout the semester. Clinical experiences occur in a combination of settings including inpatient acute rehabilitation, inpatient/outpatient psychiatric, and simulation lab.

NURS220N: Nursing Care II: Concepts and Skills

This course applies previous learning in nursing, life sciences, social sciences, and the nursing process to the care of patients across the lifespan with acute health alterations. A systematic approach to each unit will include levels of prevention, pathophysiology, lifestyle alterations, environmental impact and modification, cultural considerations, interdisciplinary care plans, and legal and ethical implications inherent in delivering patient care. Clinical experiences will occur in the acute care hospital setting.

NURS230N: Pharmacology for Nursing Practice

This course presents information related to the nurse's role in the pharmacological prevention and treatment of health alterations. Students will study foundational principles of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics and covers common drugs in clinical use. Emphasis is on safe administration of medication across the lifespan, assessment of its effectiveness, patient and family education, and ethical and legal issues related to the nurse's role in pharmacotherapeutics.

NURS240N: Management of Nursing Care Across the Lifespan

This course requires students to apply all previous learning to care of patients/families with complex and/or emergent health alterations. Concepts of maternal-child health care, critical care, community health nursing, leadership, management, health care policy and trends, and transition to practice will be studied. Clinical experiences will occur in a combination of acute care hospital and community settings.