Online Learning - Transfer of Credits

Matriculated NCC students enrolled in 100% online courses through another college must follow the existing College policies for transfer of credits. Students must earn at least a minimum grade of “C” for the course to transfer. It is recommended that students consult with an academic advisor prior to taking an online course to be assured that the course is appropriate to meet graduation requirements.

In carrying out these processes, NCC protects student privacy and will notify students at the time of registration or enrollment of any projected additional student charges associated with the verification of student identity.

At the conclusion of the online course, matriculated students should request that an official transcript be sent to their home campus so that a transfer of credits can be completed. Credits will not be automatically transferred unless the student initiates the transfer process. Non- matriculated students will have an official transcript at the host college campus offering the course(s). Students should follow the college policy for requesting transfer of credits to another institution. It is highly recommended that non-matriculated students interested in admission to one of the CCSNH colleges apply for admission to their program of choice as soon as possible. Students who complete courses as a non-matriculated student may find that not all of the online courses can be applied towards a specific degree, or certificate.