PLGL230N: Contracts and Business Organizations

Class Program
Class Hours 3 Lab Hours 0 Credits 3

The student will have acquired a complete knowledge of the fundamental legal doctrines and principles of the law of contracts; will be familiar with the significant Articles of the Uniform Commercial Code governing Sales, Negotiable Instruments and Secured Transactions; will have acquired a fundamental and practical knowledge of agency law and employment law. From a legal perspective, the graduate will also have a full understanding of the nature, characteristics, formation, operation and termination of the different for-profit business entities; as well as the legal, duties, rights and liabilities of persons associated with such organizations, and related legal actions. Functional skills acquired include assisting in the preparation of business contracts, employment agreements, and documents in the formation of such business entities including: drafting of articles of incorporation, corporate by-laws; preparing notices and minutes for meetings of the board of directors and shareholders; and drafting partnership agreements.

Prerequisite or Corequisite
Prerequisite Courses