PHYS101N: Physical Science I

This course studies the impact of physics on everyday life. Topics include motion, gravity, heat, electricity and magnetism, waves, sound, light and the physics of the atom. Conceptual understanding is emphasized over mathematical manipulation.

PHYS115N: Astronomy

This course offers an introduction to astronomy. The course offers a broad introduction to the solar system, stars, and stellar evolution, galaxies, and cosmology.

PHYS130N: Physics I

Serves as the first semester of a one-year course which surveys the field of physics at a non-calculus level. Topics include force and motion, vectors, gravity, energy and momentum, heat and thermodynamics, and oscillations.

PHYS131N: Physics II

A continuation of the study of physics at the non-calculus level. Topics include waves and sound, optics, electricity and magnetism, atoms, nuclei and modern physics.

PHYS230N: Calculus-Based Physics I

A study of classical physics using calculus. Topics include linear and projectile motion, forces, momentum, energy, gravitation and oscillations.