PSYC290N: Psychology Internship: A Capstone Experience

Class Program
Class Hours 1 Lab Hours 8 Credits 3

This capstone course is intended to provide the student with an internship as a means for enhancing learning and unifying the knowledge and experience for the student in the Associate of Arts Psychology degree program.**. This course will provide an opportunity for students to integrate classroom learning with real world activities. Critical thinking will be encouraged by demonstrating the student's ability to integrate and synthesize past course material and then illustrate this understanding in a final paper. This course will give the student multiple opportunities to be active and collaborative learners through the application of psychological principles and ethical issues such as confidentiality and values. Career planning can also be strengthened with mentoring relationships developed during this experience. Field work positions may include placement in mental health, applied developmental and industrial settings as well as social service agencies, educational intervention programs and adolescent crisis centers. Pre-approval of fieldwork site by Department Chairperson before placement. Students are expected to have field work placement before class begins.


Completion of 45 credits of coursework applicable to the Associate in Arts Degree in Psychology*