Reasonable Classroom Accommodations

Students who have documented disabilities or suspect they have a disability that impacts learning may speak with the Accessibility Services Coordinator (ASC) to request a Reasonable Accommodation Plan (RAP). In order to receive classroom accommodations a student must meet eligibility requirements and complete the RAP request process. Forms and instructions are available on the NCC website.

A student is required to update the RAP each semester and provide a copy of a current term plan to each instructor in every class in which they would like to use classroom accommodations.

No classroom accommodations will be provided until the student gives the instructor a signed RAP copy with the current semester listed on the plan. Plans are not retroactive and start the date the student provides the RAP to the instructor.

Each student is expected to attend class on his/her own; there is a one-to-one correspondence between student name on the roster, student registered and seat in the classroom. Exceptions that could be specifically authorized by a reasonable accommodation plan are: American Sign Language interpreters and personal care attendants (PCA supplied/paid by student). Service animals may also be listed in a RAP. Aides for academic support may assist outside the classroom, but cannot attend class with the student.