Students Called to Active Duty

Nashua Community College students called to active military duty have two (2) options. Your final decision on the option you wish to pursue depends on your individual situation, the time remaining in the academic semester, and the course completion agreements.

Please contact academic advisor to discuss your military call up status, and to answer any questions regarding the options listed below.
This office will need documentation of the call up in order to process a withdrawal for the VA.

  1. Withdraw
    The student officially withdraws for the term from all classes with a non-punitive grade of W, regardless of official withdrawal date as stated in this Student Handbook. A grade of ‘W’ is a non- punitive grade. If a student is called up, VA will restore entitlement if the individual does not receive credit for the course(s). They will not charge an overpayment for tuition and fees, the book stipend or housing for Chapter 33 students.


  1. Receive grades of ‘I’ (Incomplete) for all courses
    If all concerned parties feel that the student will be able to complete the requirements of the courses (see Incomplete section), the student may receive a grade of ‘I’(Incomplete). Student understands that any grade of ‘I’ (Incomplete) becomes an ‘F’ if the class is not completed in the time stated on the Incomplete Contract Form. The instructors must be willing and available to work with the student to accomplish the incomplete requirements as stated in the Incomplete contract form.

The VA will count the semester as part of the entitlement and any punitive grades will be reported to the VA.