Tool Box Storage

Nashua Community College and the Industry and Transportation Department require that students purchase a basic set of tools when taking any one of their courses. These lists can be found on the College’s website. Students are responsible for having the complete tool kit by the first week of October. The toolbox and its contents will be inspected to ensure every student has the mandatory tool kit.

Storage of student toolboxes is a privilege and as such, NCC will allow you to store your toolbox in our building for as long as you are enrolled and in good standing in Industry and Transportation classes at the College. You must remove your toolbox within 30 days of your last date of attendance of a program course. After 30 days, your toolbox will be considered abandoned; the box and its contents will become the property of NCC. NCC is not responsible for theft or damage to your toolbox or any of its contents while being stored at the College.

Toolboxes may be left at the college during break so long as the student is registered for classes the following semester. If students choose to leave their tools here, they will not be able to access them until classes begin after the break.

Students must have the key to their toolbox when they come to remove the box from the college. Every toolbox and its contents must be inspected by one of the Industry and Transportation Department Faculty before the student can remove the toolbox.