Use of College Facilities/Solicitation Policy

As community resources, the Colleges make their facilities available for public use as long as such use does not interfere with the primary purpose of education or compromise the safety and security of students, faculty or staff. The College reserves the right to deny any use it deems not in the best interest of the College or inconsistent with its values and mission.

The College, at its discretion, may make facilities available for local non-profit agencies without charging a full rental fee.
Individuals or organizations seeking access to College facilities for specific use or in order to meet with or make solicitations to students, faculty, or staff are required to request access from the Office of the President or designee. Failure to do so may result in a request to vacate the campus immediately. For more information and the facilities request form click here Facilities Rental.

No unapproved commercial solicitations will be permitted in classrooms or offices. An approved business or organization may be allowed to set up a table and display in a public space for a designated period of time.

The use of college facilities is subject to the following stipulations that will be incorporated in a contract between the college and the contractee:

  1. Facilities must be used with due discretion and care.
  2. There must be no interference with the educational schedule or undue demands made on college personnel.
  3. One member of the user group is to be designated and authorized to act as the person with primary group responsibility.
  4. Although classroom and other facilities may be made available at less than the full rental fee, the using group is responsible for meeting the following costs:
    • Meals and rental fee: meal charges and room rent shall be established by the college administration, with modifications approved by the President or designee.
    • Staff time: when staff (faculty, clerical, custodial) time is required over and above the normal day's activities, expenses related to such time will be charged to the using group.
    • The cost of police coverage.
    • Any damage arising from facilities usage.
    • Any special services required or arising as a result of the usage.