VI. Response to Reports of Sexual Misconduct or Sexual Harassment

  1. After A Report Is Made

    After a report of sexual misconduct/ sexual harassment, is made, the Title IX Coordinator will meet with the complainant (alleged victim), if they are identified in the report, to discuss and implement any needed supportive measures. Such measures will remain confidential to the extent possible in the particular circumstances.

    Supportive measures are individualized services offered to a complainant following a report of sexual misconduct/sexual harassment. Supportive measures may also be provided as appropriate to respondents after a formal complaint is filed. Supportive measures are designed to facilitate a party’s ability to access education programs and activities, without overly burdening the other party (prior to a finding of responsibility). Examples of supportive measures include, but are not limited to no contact orders, referrals for services, changes in schedules, etc.

    The Title IX Coordinator will explain the process(es) that apply to the allegations raised, including the process for filing a formal Title IX complaint if the conduct may constitute sexual harassment under Title IX.
  2. Investigation and Resolution

    All reports and complaints of prohibited conduct under this policy will be investigated as expeditiously as possible, with appropriate thoroughness and care to preserve confidentiality to the extent possible.

    Formal complaints of allegations involving Title IX sexual misconduct/sexual harassment will be addressed in accordance with Section VII below.

    Reports of sexual misconduct that do not constitute sexual harassment under Title IX will be addressed under Policy 730.06 (Student Code of Conduct).