Vice President of Academic Affairs

The Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA) is the chief a The VPAA and the rest of the Academic Affairs team work to support the faculty in maintaining a high-quality learning environment for all students.

How can students maximize their learning experience at NCC?

  1. Carefully read the course syllabus to understand instructor expectations, class requirements, and assignment due dates.
  2. Ask questions if something isn’t clear. Your instructors are here to help!
  3. Check your student email account regularly. Instructor communications including alerts will be sent to your student email account.
  4. Take advantage of free tutoring and writing assistance available at the NCC Library
  5. Get involved! Meet with your academic advisor to discuss your goals; talk with your professors about course assignments and participate actively in class; join a club; attend campus events. Students who feel connected to their campus community tend to be more successful in college.
  6. If you are having a problem in class, speak with the instructor as soon as possible. Most issues can be easily resolved if promptly addressed. If the concern persists, contact the Academic Advising Center for assistance at NCCAcademicAdvisingCenter@ccsnh.educademic officer at the College and is responsible for all instructional and academic programs.